Who we are

We, Mufeed Al Rasheed Trading EST. is specialized in evaluation, design, promotion and Installation of Storage and material handling system. And we are pleased to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the leading trading establishment for Industrial and non Industrial storage solutions with under well qualified and skilled supervision.
MRT is the top supplier of Storage solution which can provide quality warehouse storage & logistic handling product such as a complete range of Heavy Duty Pallet Racks, Long span Shelving, Slotted Angle Shelving Steel Lockers and cabinets, Weapon Storage Cabinets and logistic handling products as shown in this catalogue.
Our long-time experience and purpose is developing industrial and commercial needs as well as advice costs you nothing than the storage solution with superior standard quality, integrity and cost efficient and market our service to value conscious customers.

Before recommending any system, our consultant will carry out a detailed survey of your needs, but also the way storage interfaces with the rest of your operation. They will take into account factor such as now the goods are handled the number of picking operation and the way good move in, around and out of your premises.
Our representative will also discuss with you on the subject of your present needs, and your anticipated future needs, only when all factors have been considered will recommendation be made together with a layout drawing and costs.
In Conclusion, MRT have the capability to meet every customer need of Warehouse Racking, shelving and Material handling with expert and technical team.